STORY ABROAD – Stories in the CV

Digital Storytelling, Story Mining, Strategic Content
civic participation, digital stories, digital storytelling, Erasmus, European Union, Media Shots, students, young people
About This Project

Media Shots teamed up with organizations from Sweden, Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Brazil, South Africa and the United States to illustrate, through digital stories about mobility experiences, the numerous informal competencies or soft skills that we carry with us whenever we venture out and see the world from different cultural and geographical perspectives.

We worked in Lisbon, in two workshops, with these new cosmopolitans. We brought together many European volunteers from diverse backgrounds who delved into the complexity of their experiences.


They thought creatively about the solutions they found to adapt to different environments and challenges, to mediate and manage conversations involving various cultures, skills that are often “invisible” but are increasingly valued by employers in these global times when more and more people travel and learn away from home, in a wide variety of contexts.

See the Story Abroad project in Portugal