VIDAS UBUNTU – Digital Storytelling with community entrepreneurs

Digital Storytelling
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About This Project

The aim of this project was to enhance the social and cultural roots of young people from vulnerable and at-risk communities by sharing stories, with a view to strengthening their identity, integration and citizenship.
Media Shots was responsible for training the trainers in digital storytelling, who then replicated this training and collected more than 700 life stories from young people in primary, secondary and vocational schools, children’s and youth homes and educational centers.
Vidas Ubuntu was the winner of the Active Citizenship Program, funded by the EEA Grants (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). It was promoted by IPAV – Instituto Padre António Vieira and managed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.



“The digital storytelling training with Media Shots was very interesting. It’s an empowerment process that we recommend.”
Rui Marques, President of IPAV