We are facilitators of a new communication literacy

Because the new communication and media landscape allows everyone to share and participate, being a mere ‘passive consumer’ of content falls short. The ability to create media is essential.

To achieve this, we empower others with the skills to communicate independently, with a “voice” that distinguishes them in the noise-filled conversation that is spreading online.

We prefer stories told in the first person (Digital Storytelling)

Because we are part of the growing crowd looking for meaningful ways to communicate and relate to others and we believe that authenticity makes the difference in a piece of content.

We believe that sharing stories generously generates wisdom and trust and brings people together.

We view communication as the catalyst for collaboration

Because we recognize that when we open up and exchange perspectives, we connect and discover common ground.

Communication empowers us to collaborate, organize, and take collective action.

And we see that collaboration generates innovation and change

Because collaboration sparks new ways of ‘seeing’ and ‘doing,’ demonstrating that positive change within our world is possible.

Our work aims to facilitate this surge of new ideas, which we consider a potent remedy against stagnation and discouragement.