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About This Project

How can entrepreneurs and small business owners communicate directly with their audiences today using low-cost communication models that allow them to engage their audiences and create online communities? Media Shots trained a group of collaborators from ANJE, as well as entrepreneurs who provide support to those entering the market, with self-branding tools that enable them to independently promote products and services with digital media.




 “Thank you for the training feedback! It was truly valuable to me. I’ve grown, and so has FAL! FAL’s communication is different today; it’s more humane, more personalized… it’s more in its DNA! There’s still much to do, but I already feel that important steps have been taken on this journey!”
Rita Leal, Founder and Coordinator at FAL (Training, Evaluation & Leadership)


I really enjoyed the training, your concept, and I am truly motivated by what I can do in the future with these tools. Thank you!
Cacilda Pereira, ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs)


“I loved everything, the training content, my colleagues, and the trainers.”
Suzana Alípio, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Unit, ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs)


  “You were great instructors, both for colleagues who had some background in the field and for others like me who just wanted to acquire some additional skills.”
António Leal, Statutory Auditor


 “I would like to thank you for all the input, friendliness, availability and lessons I have learned, not just from the training course but from all the exchanges we had. Above all, I consider all the post-training interactivity to be very positive.”
Eduardo Vieira, Managing Partner, Esteticare Clinic