Lives in the Neighborhood / Stories of Lisbon


Memórias / Histórias/ Lisboa

Digital Storytelling, Story Mining, Strategic Content
civic participation, digital stories, digital storytelling, Erasmus, European Union, Media Shots, students, young people
About This Project

In a challenge presented by BLX (Bibliotecas de Lisboa / Libraries of Lisbon) to Media Shots for their “Vidas e Memórias de Bairro” (Lives and Memories of the Neighborhood) project, we conducted a series of interviews in collaboration with Pop Filmes, resulting in 48 short films. We also edited a narrative based on the set of interviews, lasting about 40 minutes. With these films, we created resources in the form of short stories and memories that allow for exploration and reflection on the past and present, thus valorizing the city’s residents and their lives.

We also facilitated a workshop in which BLX network employees participated. The participants conducted interviews and edited a set of films, already considering the continuation of this initiative in other libraries in the city of Lisbon and in other story-collection actions within the city.