Portuguese Fishing Company (CPP) / A Collection of Stories


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About This Project

A film for the exhibition “Companhia Portuguesa de Pesca. A Collection of Stories”

The Naval Museum of Almada invited Media Shots to collaborate on its exhibition about the Companhia Portuguesa de Pesca (CPP). The museum is located in the former facilities of CPP, a company dedicated to trawl fishing whose boats went to Mauritania and South Africa.

The Naval Museum and CPP are located in Olho de Boi, Almada, in an area that still preserves the old buildings along with the experiences and memories of the men and women who worked and lived there for over 60 years.

The exhibition at the Naval Museum of Almada is a ‘journey through the history of the company and those who worked in it.’ Media Shots, in collaboration with the museum, interviewed former workers and people connected to the company, seeking to uncover the stories of lives and the place, resulting in the film displayed in the exhibition.