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Sustainability is a decisive challenge for organizations working in the social sector today. They are increasingly unable to rely primarily, and in many cases almost exclusively, on public support as their main source of financial resources. In this context, it becomes essential to know how to communicate the work carried out in the field and illustrate its impacts. We brought together 42 social inclusion projects funded by the Escolhas Program, in two communication workshops. These projects were sensitized to these issues and ways to improve and enhance their communication efforts. Many had already made attempts but lacked well-defined content and a strategic focus to make it effective.



 “We were guided very easily in this training through the essential points we should cover to promote our image. I found it very interesting to see how what Google shows falls so short of the work we do in the project. It was also very helpful to understand how we can distinguish ourselves at the local level by creating our own identity. It’s true that we don’t have to be journalists, but today it’s essential to know how to showcase what we do and value our work so that we are recognized. This training helped me understand what is essential to communicate at the level of Escolhas, the municipality, and the project itself.”
Ana Martins – Social Inclusion Project Technician Escolhas – CSI: Crescer Solidário e Integrado E5G (Guimarães)