GALP ENERGIA – stories and internal communication

Digital Storytelling
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About This Project

Stories that reveal what is happening in an organization stimulate a culture of sharing experiences, engagement, and dialogue that can impact the change of routines and behaviors.

Media Shots worked with the marketing team of Galp Energia in the production of individual stories, which helped explore new paths in internal communication, provided them with tools for content production, and encouraged participants to reflect on their journey and role within the company.




  “Often in organizations, our creative side is underdeveloped, and we become heavily reliant on agencies. Today it’s important to develop internal skills in order to create content. We worked with Media Shots to help our Marketing Team gain writing skills, learn how to tell stories, and become better communicators.
Isabel Calado, Marketing Director at GALP Energia


  “I think I can speak for everyone in emphasizing how much we appreciate your sessions. I wish you every success with your future initiatives.”
Célia Félix, Head of Brand Management and Advertising, GALP Energia